On this 12th March 2018, our beautiful island Mauritius celebrates its 50th Independence anniversary and the 26th Anniversary of its republic. Various activities have been organized all around the island to commemorate this important occasion.


Our National flag symbolizes the history, culture and our rich environment. The red colour symbolizes the bloodshed at the time of slavery and the fight for independence of the island. The blue colour represents the surrounding Indian Ocean. The yellow colour symbolizes the new light of independence representing a bright future. Ultimately, the green colour represents our rich vegetation. Our island has undergone numerous changes and its people have been the proud of the country since then including our first Olympic gold medal in 2008 namely Bruno Julie and the Nobel Price Winner, Jean Marie Leclezio, in 2012.


On its 50th independence anniversary, Mauritius has a lot more to offer you including its rich cultural diversity living in peace and harmony.

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