LANGUAGE The official language of Mauritius is English but the mother tongue of the population is Creole. Also, most of the Mauritian people are bi-lingual since English and French are both compulsory in the educational programme of Mauritius till the age of 16 years old. Thus, guests speaking either English or French languages will communicate… Continue reading LANGUAGE

Sustainable Tourism

Weddings are meant to be unique and is an important day in one’s life. The choice of the wedding venue as well as the preparations are crucial and can be stressful. With Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) by your side, you can relax and we will handle the preparations for your wedding in our paradise island.

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Resort To Love Mauritius Paradise Island

White sandy beaches, turquoise blue lagoon, palm trees…the perfect setting for a romantic comedy. RESORT TO LOVE – MAURITIUS PARADISE ISLAND Resort to Love is an American romantic movie produced by Grammy winner Alicia Keys, available on Netflix and featuring Christina Milian as Erica, an aspiring popstar. The latter reluctantly took a gig at a luxurious resort… Continue reading Resort To Love Mauritius Paradise Island