Kitesurfing     Our paradise island provides the ideal environment and climate for kitesurfing with its crystal clear lagoon. The south west coast of the island is considered as among the best kitesurfing spots of the world. These spots provided reef waves that can reach up to 3 metres high.   For experienced kitesurfers, you will enjoy the… Continue reading KITESURFING

Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars The Champ de Mars racecourse was initially a military training ground until it was converted into a racecourse in 1812 by the Mauritius Turf Club which was founded in the same year. The Mauritius Turf Club is the second-oldest race course in the world. Champ de Mars was inaugurated and it hosted… Continue reading Champ de Mars

Martello Tower

Martello Tower Located in the westcoast of the island, at La Preneuse, the Martello Tower was built by the British between 1810 and 1846 to protect them against their sworn enemy, the French navy. Since being restored in 1999, and transformed into a museum, the tower is now accessible for guided tours. It is reported to be among… Continue reading Martello Tower

Central Market

Central Market   Enjoy a shopping trip through the buzzling Central Market of Port Louis. It is a very energetic market with stalls piled high with tropical fruits and vegetables and also a large array of spices and herbal medicines. The meat, fish and sea food are in a separate section of the market. Discover the food court… Continue reading Central Market