Port Louis Central Market

Port Louis Central Market

Travel syncs with souvenirs as they are witness to the memories made. The Central Market in Port Louis also known as the  “Bazaar Port Louis”,  is the most sought after for its food, shopping and experiencing the island life.

Being one of the historical gems on the island as it was erected during the British Empire rule, the market bears testimony to its heritage. It is one of the busiest markets on the island which opens as early as 5 in the morning. A symbolic place where you will find almost every local stuff like native food, herbal potions, handicrafts, eco-friendly baskets, fruit preserves, clothes, spices and much more.

As you walk in the market, the showcase of the local fresh produce in a neat and orderly fashion by the vendors is simply mesmerizing and tempting. If you are more into pictures, the market is the perfect spot for  astonishing pictures with all the liveliness of the locals shopping and the display of the captivating colors of the exotic fruits, vegetables and local products. 

On the first floor of the market is the famous Craft Market where all the locally made souvenirs, handicrafts, spices, and traditional clothes are found. The uniqueness of each craft will be a great travel memorabilia of the island like dodo figurines in ceramic or in plush toys for kids, exquisite woodwork, glass souvenirs, seashells and conch items, jewelleries, embroidered linen catch and the list goes on. 

After the shopping session, the diverse Mauritian street food on the ground floor will appease your hunger with the famous “dholl puri” which is split chickpea and flour based food. There are also local snacks like “samoussas” filled with potatoes, cheese or meat, “bajas” being fritters made with chickpea flour, “gato piment” which are fritters made with yellow split pea and chili and so much more. The tropical heat in Port Louis will lead you to quench your thirst with the famous “alouda” which is like a chilled milkshake with basil seeds and grated jelly. The unparalleled diverse food and drinks will simply blow your mind and taste buds

Ditch the white powdery beaches and lush greenery for a bit and roam in the city for an experience of the local life in Mauritius.



Before going on a discovery trip at the market, do wear light clothing and a hat due to the heat which heightens as the day goes by.