Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth

Located in the western part of Mauritius, the seven coloured earth of Chamarel is a major tourist attraction. It is a natural phenomenon that covers an area of 7500m 2 of impressively bare landscape located within a large, dense forest.

Once you reach Chamarel, climb up the observation outpost so as to get an incredible view of the seven coloured earth. As far as the eyes can see, there are sand dunes in unbelievable colours; yellow, red, brown, violet, purple, green and even blue.

The colouring process are due to weathering of the basalt and the formation of secondary iron oxides and hydroxides in it. The fact that the coloured area remained bare in such a dense forest will definitely surprise you. It is a natural phenomenon that takes your breath away by its natural beauty.

You can immortalise this pure natural beauty through test tubes filled with seven coloured sands of Chamarel which are sold as souvenir. To add up to this beauty, you can admire some giant tortoise in the area and you also have access to a children’s playground.

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