Group Travel – Exotic Holiday (Mauritius)
Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) offers a wide range of options for group holidays packages. With an experienced, reliable and well-trained team, we offer the best group services.
We understand that flexibility is very important for a successful group holiday thus, depending on the requirements of our guests, we propose personalised group holidays: be it for a group of friends, a group of senior people or family.
Group Accommodations
Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) offers different options for accommodations ideal for a group holiday. We provide accommodations which not only fit the requirements of the groups but also ensure their safety and security. In order to ensure quality, safety and value for money, our team makes it a must to visit every location, try the services, activities and facilities before offering them.
Group Transfer
We offer airport transfer services in vehicles appropriate for different sizes of groups including coach and mini bus among others, depending on the requirements of the group. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) takes care of the needs and wants of the groups during their holidays. Luggages and other special needs of the group are handled by our well-qualified team.
Group Assistance
Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) provides as much care to individual as to groups. The same greetings and assistance services are provided to individuals as to groups. Our group assistance services include:
Group Excursions

Discover our paradise island through excursions designed for groups. Our dedicated team are well-trained to cater for the needs of the group during the excursions. Our wide selection of activities, which ranges from sightseeing tours throughout the island to land activities, sea activities and air activities, are ideal for groups.

Entrust your group holiday into the hands of Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) to make them unforgettable.

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