After a long and tiring journey to a place that you are not acquainted with, the team of Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) will welcome you with a warm smile and do their best so as to make you feel at home. Our services can be distinguished through our concern to details aimed to make you feel at ease.

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Upon your arrival, put all your stress and worries away to make place to some beautiful holidays in our paradise island. At the airport, we have a dedicated team to welcome you and your luggages are taken care of by one of our porters. We provide dedicated and well trained staffs to provide both greetings and assistance services. We give much important to the regular training of our team and this is the reason for their efficiency and their delivery of quality services.

Moreover, we take into account that some guests may be requiring more attention and assistance than others thus we are always ready to fulfill these requirements. We provide personalised assistance to our guest from their arrival till their departure through our dedicated team. The assistance services include the following features:

  • Regular Visit from Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) Representative during the whole stay.¬†On the same day of arrival, our guests are provided with the essential emergency¬†contact including the contact details of their dedicated representative who is always¬†available in case they have any query or urgent matters. A first courtesy visit is¬†conducted on the day following arrival so as to ensure the smooth running of the¬†stay at their chosen place of accommodation.
  • Verification of flights by Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) Representative so as not to¬†burden our guests with all these formalities. In case of any change in timing of the¬†flights or any other changes relative to the flight, our guests are informed¬†accordingly.
  • A departure message is delivered to our guests in their room one day before¬†departure.
  • On departure, our representative provides to our guests the required assistance at¬†the airport. Arrangements are made so that the guests reach the airport 3 hours¬†prior to the schedule time of the flight, as it is the requirement by most of the¬†airlines.
  • Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) attends any particular request that our guests may have¬†concerning their holiday with us, be it a particular activity or any other request. Rest¬†assured that our team will guide and assist you to ensure the smooth running of your¬†holidays in our paradise island.

Be our guest and enjoy a unique experience of how a successful holiday or business trip should be with Exotic Holiday (Mauritius).