For the first time, Maitre Gims, famous singer, songwriter and producer, will be in Mauritius for an exclusive concert. Do not miss this event at any costs if you are in Mauritius on 14th January 2017.

Gandhi Djuna, known by his stage name Maitre Gims, started his career with the popular hip hop group, Sexion D’Assaut, in 2002 and then embarked in a solo career in 2006. His major album was released in 2013, namely Subliminal, which broke many records with very popular top charts singles like J’me tire and Bella among others. Maitre Gims has sold over one million albums and is among the top rap singer in France.

Live in Mauritius, do not miss this exceptional concert with Maitre Gims featuring famous Mauritian artists namely Mr Love, Jimmy Gassel, LIN, Big Papa and David Jay on 14th January 2017 at 21h00.

Venue: Domaine de Gros Cailloux

Time: From 9.00 pm till 4.00 am


As described by Maitre Gims, Mauritius is a piece of paradise in the Indian Ocean and the destination to be, especially in those summer periods. If like Maitre Gims, you wish to embark in a unique holiday experience with your family including your kids in our beautiful island, then do not hesitate anymore and contact us.


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