Ile aux aigrettes

Located off the coast of Mahebourg Bay, Ile Aux Aigrettes got its name from the colony of Egrets, which are white fish birds with long legs, in the year 1600. In 1987, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (“MWF”) taking over full management of the island and initiated a habitat restoration programme. MWF offers to the public since 1998, to visit the island and enjoy this unique place of original Mauritian nature. The tour on Ile aux Aigrettes takes about 1h30 to 2h where a few of the world’s rarest birds can be seen. Discover the endangered species of plants and animals living on this small piece of natural reserve. Ile Aux Aigrettes is considered as a natural museum in itself and it is a great place to get natural shots of exotic species of flora and fauna of Mauritius.

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