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Ile Aux Cerfs

Ile Aux Cerfs, 1 of the Best Beaches In The World
Condé Nast Traveller

In the realm of tropical paradises, few destinations rival with the exotic charms of Ile Aux Cerfs. Nestled in the embrace of the Indian Ocean and off the east coast of Mauritius, this beautiful island has recently been designated as one of the best 34 beaches in the world, by Conde Nast Traveller. Let’s explore the exquisite traits of this enchanting island.


Ile Aux Cerfs is privately owned and one of the most popular offshore islands in Mauritius. A mesmerizing island with stunning white sandy beaches, lush greenery and turquoise waters.

Also, deer spotting and exotic birds are not that rare chance. No doubt, a haven for all types of travelers seeking thrilling adventures, relaxation, golf moments or staycation in nature. 

Tranquil Oasis

Stepping foot on the shores of Ile Aux Cerfs is like entering a realm of serenity and beauty. The white powdery sands which are gently being lapped by the turquoise waters. It is literally a postcard setup by nature.  In the midst of swaying casuarina trees and tranquil beaches, visitors find solace in the lap of nature. Whether seeking seclusion or sharing moments with close ones, Ile Aux Cerfs is a sanctuary of tranquility. 

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Ile Aux Cerfs

Water Wonderland

The turquoise waters are literally a paradise for aquaholics as there are gazilions of activities to dive in. Just to name a few, undersea walk, glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, diving, parasailing or windsurfing. The stunning aquatic world with colorful coral reefs and exotic marine life are simply a portal to joyful memories.

Culinary Delights

No trip to the island would be complete without savoring the flavorful gastronomy. From beachside shacks serving freshly grilled seafood to fine dining restaurants, the island caters to all. Indulge in the delightful cuisine along a tropical cocktail while relishing on the mesmerizing views of the island and create meaningful memories. 

From the serene beaches to the colorful aquatic world and luxuriant landscapes, the island simply captivates.

Let our expert team help you embark on a journey to this exotic haven.

And subtly, discover why it is one of the most exquisite destinations in the world. It’s definitely the time to create lifelong memories amid the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters at Ile Aux Cerfs. 

A Closer Look At The Enchanting Ile Aux Cerfs