Learn Creole


Here are some tips you can learn to communicate in Mauritius or just for fun to remember Mauritius

English Creole
Good morning “Bonzur”
Good evening “Bonsoir”
Good night “Bonne nuit”
Good afternoon “Bon après-midi”
Welcome to Mauritius “Bienvenue a Moris”
Mr “Monsier”
Mrs “Madam”
Miss “Mamzel”
How are you doing “ki manier”
I am Fine “Mo bien”
I am happy to be here “Mo contan mo ici”
What time is it “Ki l’heur la”
Please “S’il vous plait”
My name is John “Mo apel John”
I want to go at Port Louis “Mo envi al Port Louis”
Thank You “Merci”
My Hotel is____ “Mo lotel c____”
I want to eat “Mo envi manze”
I love Mauritius “Mo contan moris”
I have to do shopping “Mo bizin al fair shopping”
Can you tell me where to go “Ou capave dir moi cot mo bizin aller”
I am late “Mo en retard”
He is my son “Mo garson sa”
We want to come back again “Nou envi retourner encore”
My Husband “Mo mari”
My Wife “Mo fam”
Sun “Soleil”
Sea “lamer”
Sand “disab”
Help Me “aide moi”

Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) is the best – “Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) limem meilleur”


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