London Gatwick Airport To Mauritius

London to Mauritius

London Gatwick Airport To Mauritius

Air Mauritius, the National Carrier of Mauritius, will be heading to London Gatwick Airport, North Terminal as from 29 October 2023.  Paving more ways to the island, this relocation will ease the commute for the travelers. Effectively, from London Gatwick Airport to Mauritius, a new flight journey awaits you.

The deep blue oceans brimming with the wonders of the sea, and the sun rays reflecting on the majestic mountains and greenery, are all spots for the adventurous or simply for those seeking a peaceful moment.

The island and its surroundings are popular places to have a great holiday while also discovering Mauritius in its true essence. That is to say, the excursion tours are meticulously planned and pave the way to unique memories of the island.

Being a popular holiday destination, it is also the most sought out for wedding and honeymoon by couples. 

The backdrop of the Indian Ocean, the historic mountains or lush forests, underwater wedding, honeymoon on a private islet and so much more of romantic getaways.

A lifetime of memories and bonding can be created and experienced beyond your expectations in Mauritius

The island is a multifaceted one, with one facet being a tropical leisure island and the other a thriving economy. Likewise, M.I.C.E trips are also well favored due to its proximity to Africa and also its unique location in the Indian Ocean. In addition, team building, conferences, networking or even exhibitions are widely favored. 

Eventually, navigating to Mauritius just got more accessible.

The daily direct flights commuting to the island are scheduled as follows:

As From 29 October 2023

Flight Number


Days of Operations



MK 042


Monday To Sunday



MK 053


Monday To Sunday



*All flights in local time and subject to changes

Exotic Holiday Mauritius team will devise the perfect stay for you on the island.

A trip can be of any kind; leisure, wedding, honeymoon or even M.I.C.E.

The expert team is here to coordinate it to perfection as per your requirements.

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