M.I.C.E Meetings

Mauritius is becoming an important business hub in the Indian Ocean. Our paradise island is the ideal location to hold your business meetings. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) provides a flexible choice of services for business meetings and conferences held in Mauritius.
You may choose from a wide choice of venues available all around the island. We also offer assistance from professional in the choice of the location, preparation and services relating to meetings and conferences. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) offers different types of incentives programmes to choose from depending on tastes, budgets and requirements.
We also offer different flexible services for corporate events. Hand over the planning of corporate events into the hands of Exotic Holiday (Mauritius). We will arrange for the most appropriate venue for you, plan your event, arrange for ideal accommodation for your event and any arrangements relating to the said event.
Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) also caters for planning and organizing events other than corporate events including renewal of vows, wedding anniversaries and any other special events. We offer different locations ideal for the celebrations of these special occasions.
Entrust all your planning and organisation of M.I.C.E occasions to Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) with the assurance that everything will be done in the most effective and timely manner.
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