Mauritius Premium Visa

Mauritius Premium Visa

A stay in Mauritius for a year long with renewal chances, is not an opportunity to miss.  With its luxurious greenery, white sandy beaches, smart working facilities, sustainable life and fluid coexistence of cultures are some of the perks the island has to offer. 

The Premium Visa, which is issued with no processing fee, allows professionals to work remotely and retirees or tourists to experience life on the island. Mauritius with a cosmopolitan culture offers a unique taste of life with its diverse culinary and historical background.  There is also a collective participation in religious festivals from the various ethnicities on the island and coexistence of values and respect towards each culture.  

Work remotely

To work in an office is no longer an obligation now. With a decent wifi connection and a laptop, work can be done anywhere, so why not change from the concrete walls to an open air “office” vibe. Let the blue lagoons or even the mountains be your “office” and work remotely while being on the island.  

Retire comfortably

Indulge in all facets of leisure activities on the island be it land, air or sea. Golf is the most sought out activity for retirees. Beach lifestyle, decent medical infrastructure, diverse food culture and beautiful weather all year round, retirement is safely and healthily spent on the island.   

Family Life

Parents value family time more than ever and desire to make their kids grow in a healthy environment and surrounded by nature. To privilege smart working, give your children a carefree life on the island while discovering its culture, flora and fauna and be educated in international schools.  There is also affordable domestic help, decent weather conditions and a healthy lifestyle. Give your family an inspiring and secure life by the beaches and mountains on the island.

Enjoy traveling

Get into travel mode and experience island life with its amazing views, golf courses, authentic food, tea plantations, beaches, mountains, historical sites, diverse culture, national parks and much more. Use this chance to boost up your morale and body.  A year or more on the island is not to be left out. 

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At Exotic Holiday Mauritius, we are here to help you settle on the island. Be it accommodation, car rental or touring, our team will be with you at every step.

To live life as it should be and to soak in the tropics, MAURITIUS is the place to be.

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