Resort To Love Mauritius Paradise Island

White sandy beaches, turquoise blue lagoon, palm trees…the perfect setting for a romantic comedy.

Resort to Love is an American romantic movie produced by Grammy winner Alicia Keys, available on Netflix and featuring Christina Milian as Erica, an aspiring popstar. The latter reluctantly took a gig at a luxurious resort in Mauritius as a singer but ended up as the entertainer at the wedding of her ex-fiancé Jason (Jay Pharoah). While attempting to hide their previous relationships, their feelings for each other were rekindled. Jason’s brother, Caleb (Sinqua Walls), tries to stop them from falling in love once more. Enjoy this  funny and romantic intrigue in paradise island.

Mauritius is viewed as an ideal destination for film making with its attractive features including its scenery, amazing landscapes and picturesque beaches with almost the same tropical temperature all year round. Discover the beauty of Mauritius via the movie Resort to Love including the Baie du Cap Coastal road, the 10th most beautiful road of the world. Most of the shooting was done at the luxury beachfront Constance Prince Maurice Hotel located on the amazing east coast of the island at Belle Mare. Moreover, you will be pampered with famous tourist attractions showcased in the said movie including Le Morne Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Resort To Love Film Mauritius


Finally, Resort to Love ends with the perfect wedding venue on the idyllic beach of Mauritius. Choose the tropical wedding avenue with your feet in the powdery sands and the turquoise blue lagoon in the background. Exotic Holiday Mauritius provides personalized wedding holidays in Mauritius to suit different requirements along with our dedicated wedding planner team. 

‘Heavenly! Mauritius is so beautiful and exotic. The people and culture are beautiful and the food is delicious! There’s so much to do you’ll never be bored there’ – this is how Christina Milian described Mauritius during her interview to Netflix.