The fields of Saint Aubin have been cultivated with sugarcane plants since 1819. The name of the estate comes from one its owners namely Pierre de Saint Aubin. A vanilla plantation and an artisanal distillery are also present on the estate. It is unique since it is the place where first Mauritian agricultural rum was produced from pure sugarcane juice.

Artisanal Distillery and Tasting

Enjoy a visit in such a historical place for a unique learning experience. The estate produces sugar which is then used in the artisanal distillery to produce rum. Discover the whole process from pure sugar cane juice to rum. You will be able to taste the different types of rum produced in the distillery.

Vanilla House

Continue your visit to the Vanilla House where you will learn about the process of transforming the vanilla orchids into the aromatic vanilla bean that is much coveting on the market for its finest and aroma.

Saint Aubin Residence & The Restaurant

It is an ancient colonial house which used to be the residence of the owner of the sugarcane plantation in the 19 th century. In the nineties, Saint Aubin Residence was renovated and part of it, namely the living room, has been converted into a restaurant. Discover the tasty and delicious Mauritian menus in an amazing colonial and historical setting.

Book for your visit with Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) to discover the historical settings of Saint Aubin and its variety of artisanal rum.

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