Seaplane Tours

Seaplane Tours

The view from above is always worth the trip. A seaplane tour of Mauritius and its islets from up close is an unforgettable adventure.  Be ready to be mesmerised by the different shades of blues of the lagoons, the luxuriant sugarcane fields, the historical sites , the marine life and all that drapes our paradise island. Mauritius is as fascinating on land as in air.

Accompanied by a professional and seasoned pilot, you will discover Mauritius from a totally different perspective. Depending on your budget and the time allocation, diverse itineraries are proposed. From 15 minutes to 80 minutes, you will soar above Mauritius like never before.


Be ready to take exclusive pictures of the island like the Underwater Waterfall which is an optical illusion near the shores of Le Morne Brabant, the turtles swimming, the captivating views of the coastal villages, the Indian Ocean and far more.

With a  360° viewing angle, enjoy the scenic views while touring the distinct landmarks of Mauritius and its islets.


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  • Camera to capture spectacular views and moments

Discover Mauritius From The Sky