Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness
Spa & Wellness
Come and restore yourself in Mauritius with a wide range of spa treatments and wellness activities. Our island is known worldwide for its spa treatments. Discover a unique spa experience on our tropical island for its soothing and relaxing effect. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) offers a great number of spa treatments which are designed for different requirements. These are performed by qualified staffs who will assist you in defining your individual wellness needs.
Experience all the benefits of plants, aromatherapy, a great choice of beauty treatments, massage techniques, saunas and hammam facilities in order to improve your wellness.

Discover a great number of body treatments namely Balinese massage, Weight Loss treatment and Detoxifying treatment among others. We also provide special couple spa treatments where you can enjoy a unique spa experience with your partner. For Ayurvedic lovers, we have specially designed ayurvedic spa treatments.

In this fast-moving era, spare sometime for your wellness in our paradise island. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius), through its partners, provides wellness sessions delivered by international coaches.

These include Yoga and Tai Chi sessions among others. They help to reinvigorate yourself in order to tackle life in a positive manner. You may also wish to indulge in session of meditation to relax yourself.

Enjoy a jog along the beautiful white sandy beaches of Mauritius so as to breathe the fresh sea breeze. Rent a bicycle and enjoy a cycling tour along the coastal road where you will get an amazing view of our beautiful turquoise lagoon.

Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) offers you a complete spa experience and wellness session which allows you to recharge your battery thus enhancing your well-being.

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