Mauritius: Top 7 Healthy Air Quality- IQAir

Mauritius: Top 7 Healthy Air Quality- IQAir

Welcome to Mauritius, a tropical island tucked away in the embrace of the Indian Ocean. Together with its captivating beaches, picturesque landscapes and crystal-clear waters, its a paradise. Above all, it not only mesmerizes with its exoticness but also stuns with its commitment to sustainability. Recently, Mauritius was featured in the IQAir report for being in the only top 7 countries across the globe with healthy air quality, aligned with the WHO guidelines. A sneak peek at this tropical paradise where clean air interlaces with its charming beauty and provides a refreshing escape like none other.

Clean Air Sanctuary

Mauritius with its natural wonders and unique traits, beckons travelers of all kinds with its diversity. The moment one sets foot on the island, the difference in the air is noticeable right away. Definitely a stark variation from the mist of pollution in many urban destinations. The journey around the island through various landscapes from luxuriant forestry to roaring waterfalls, each breath detoxifies and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Environmental Commitment

Behind the pristine air lies a deep commitment to environmental conservatorship and sustainable development. At Exotic Holiday Mauritius, we believe that luxury and sustainability go together.  That’s why we have partners with eco-friendly accommodations and who share the same dedication towards nature. A secluded beachfront villa or a luxurious retreat in the mountains, holidays can definitely be in line with the environment.

Above all, in the travel and tourism industry, many resorts give value to sustainable practices.   Like waste reduction, community engagement, participating in preservation of natural habitats, solar energy usage or eco-friendly cutleries and amenities. The determination to safeguard the ecological heritage is a continuous journey by all actors of the industry. 

Experience Island Life

A visual of laying on a hammock with the sounds of the rustling of palm trees and the scent of the tropical blossoms swirling around. Certainly, on the island, this is not just a dream but a reality for many. While exploring the scenic panorama from the rugged cliffs of Le Morne Brabant to the white powdery beaches of Belle Mare, a sense of serenity and peace will overwhelm one. Along the air so pure and fresh, every breath is a testament to the natural wonders of this exotic haven.


Needless to add that the diversity and luxuriant nature of Mauritius attract adventurers of all kinds. From diving among the colorful coral reefs to hiking through endemic forests, there is simply no lack of eco-friendly activities to delight in. 

Board on a catamaran cruise to explore hidden coves and marine sanctuaries or walk to the summit of Trou Aux Cerfs volcano. With each adventure, there is a deeper understanding and appreciation of the ecological efforts being made. After all, to preserve nature is for the present and future generations to enjoy.

As Mauritius is reveling in the spotlight of being among the only seven countries in the world with healthy air quality, there is no better time to indulge in a tropical getaway. We invite you on a trip of discovery where fresh air, natural landscapes and sustainable luxury merge together for an unforgettable holiday. 

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