Peaceful Resolution – War In Ukraine

Peaceful resolution

“ War was, is and will never be the solution.” 

Ukraine, a beautiful country in its uniqueness but in need of dire support right now. Sadly, the country has been undergoing a war since February 24, 2022.  Deeply afflicted by this current state of affairs as Exotic Holiday Mauritius over the past years,has built a close relationship with the tourism professionals from Ukraine. Hence, in this situation more than ever, is with everyone being affected by the war.

It also be taken into consideration that this Ukraine conflict is not sought by every Russian citizen and prejudice should not prevail as it has been the case and still is with the COVID-19 pandemic towards the Asian community.  

Exotic Holiday Mauritius has made contributions to the country and will still continue to support Ukraine. We are here to also aid our tourism partners and will keep on to be there for them when this situation is resolved. Right now, we are collaborating with our partners, especially those in the European countries to carry on in helping Ukraine. We are here to help our Ukrainian tour operator and travel agent partners to relaunch business post this crisis as we all are agents from the tourism industry and it’s together that we can keep pushing forward.  The tourism industry on a global basis is aiding to curb this ongoing humanitarian crisis where each element of the industry is doing their best to help the refugees from Ukraine.  Disheartening and horrifying images of this invasion have not left anyone insensitive to the situation. And, at Exotic Holiday Mauritius, we are doing the bit we can to help as no matter the size of the action, it matters.

History is witness that war was never the answer and it is high time every person especially leaders of countries learn this. 

We strongly believe in peace rather than war. For a better global society of values and co-existence, let no war be the means of it.

Mauritius is all for a peaceful resolution between Russia and Ukraine.