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From the very first moment you say “Yes” for the wedding proposal  till the last minute of your wedding day Exotic Holiday Mauritius will be by your side.

Wedding in Mauritius

Saying ‘I do’ on the Indian Ocean’s Leading Wedding Destination, Mauritius,  is a dream for many couples. Weddings are meant to be unique and the happiest day for a couple but  planning a wedding can be stressful. With Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) passionate team by your side, you can relax and we will handle the preparations for your perfect wedding on our paradise island. We propose personalised wedding services to our partners to suit different tastes and needs. We assist you in the preparation of your dream ceremony so that you have time to enjoy your wedding  stress free with your dear ones.


Wedding organisation is a challenge for many couples since it involves much preparation and very often they do not have time to enjoy their special day. However, with Exotic Holiday Mauritius wedding planner team by your side, relax and enjoy your memorable wedding experience. Our dedicated team will accompany you all the way through your wedding. We tailored our proposals as per your wishes and requirements. This is your day and we are here to help you make the most of it in our fairy tale paradise island, Mauritius.

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Wedding Types

Mauritius is ideal for various types of weddings. You will be well served in terms of possibilities which are endless. Whether you wish to celebrate symbolic, civil or any other types of weddings, our team will assist you all through your wedding for a unique, memorable & personalised experience.



Celebrate your civil wedding in Mauritius in all serenity. These involve some legal formalities to be completed prior to your wedding. We give you all peace of mind by accompanying you all through the required procedures. You can rely on us for a hassle free legal wedding organisation. 



Couples who want to celebrate their religious wedding in an exotic setting are well served in Mauritius. Either christian or asian wedding, do not worry about all the formalities and preparation, we shall handle everything at our end as per your wishes.

Beach Wedding Planner Mauritius


The symbolic wedding are ideal for couples who have already been married in their home country or any other places and wish to celebrate their ceremony on our beautiful island either with their closed ones or in all intimacy. The wedding ceremony is personalised as per your requirements. Our wedding planner team will accompany you all through the preparation starting from the pre wedding stage to help you make your choice. 


Same sex couples can also celebrate their wedding in paradise island. There are venues for LGBT people to celebrate their dream union in our beautiful Mauritius. We shall accompany them all through the journey.


Married couples are not left out in our services. Grab your wedding anniversary as an opportunity to renew your vows with your loved one. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) provides you with different options as well as personalised packages. We shall assist and accompany you throughout all the preparations to make this event a unique one for you.


Your choice of your wedding venue is a crucial decision to make. Mauritius provides you with a number of wedding locations, each as amazing as the other, adapted for different tastes. Many resorts provide for amazing wedding venues which can be set up as per your tastes and requirements. From private island, on the white sandy beach, underwater scuba wedding to catamarans and many other idyllic romantic settings, the possibilities are endless in Mauritius. Our dedicated wedding planner team will be more delighted to assist you in the best choice which matches your dream wedding.


Dreaming of tying the knot with your feet in the white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue lagoon in the background? No worries, Mauritius has it all for you. Enjoy a mesmerising wedding celebration on the white sandy beaches with the crystal clear lagoon as witness to your union. Speak to our wedding planner team and we shall personalised your wedding experience for unforgettable memories.



Wedding are one in a lifetime event. Make it a memory to cherish all your life on a private island retreat where everything is set up as per your needs. Live your dream wedding in total intimacy in Robin Crusoe style or with your family on a private island.


For nature lovers, make your wedding a unique fairytale experience in the beautiful natural setting of Mauritius. Weddings in Mauritius can be celebrated and customised in nature domaine, up a cliff with amazing background, sea front setting among others. Our team will help you in your choice of nature setting for your special day.



Further to its popularity as the ideal wedding destination, Mauritius features  many wedding hall, one as beautiful as the other. They are of several sizes with different seating capacity and can be personalised as per your requirements. You can reply on our assistance for help you make the ideal choice for your perfect day.


You want something out of the normal for your D day?

With closed eyes, visualise your perfect wedding over the water in the middle of the beautiful turquoise blue lagoon in the Indian Ocean… Yes,such a spectacular wedding is possible on our beautiful island with the assistance of our wedding planner team. Walk around the red carpet set on the white sandy beach to embark on the floating wedding platform decorated as per your wishes. You can also accommodate a limited number of guests on the said platform. Relax and we shall do the needful at our end for everything to be ready for your fairytale wedding.



For adventurous lovers, are you ready to DIVE in wedding life?

Tie the knot in a unique mesmerizing underwater natural setting. Let the marine life be witness to your union. No worries about the decorations, the ocean has it all prepared for you. Enjoy your holidays in our beautiful Mauritius while we handle your underwater wedding preparations.


Dreaming of a unique wedding celebration in an unusual setting?

Enjoy your once in a lifetime event onboard a catamaran cruise. The catamaran is privatised for you and your guests (if any) to make your special day perfect. The decorations are personalised as per your tastes and requirements. We shall help you in the preparations of your wedding onboard the catamaran.


Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding but the first step into the preparation may be difficult. You can rely on our wedding planner team to assist all the way long starting at the pre wedding organisation. This involves mainly choosing your type of wedding, venues, amenities among many other decisions which you have to make. It is a very determining step for them to make your dream wedding a reality. Either you already have a definite idea for your wedding or not, we can rely on us to assist you in making the best decision for your special day. Our first step is to contact our future married couple to understand their requirements and wishes in order to better match their needs and provide them with personalised wedding solutions.

We provide you with all peace of mind before, during and after your wedding. No more wedding stress, relax and enjoy this unique experience in our paradise island, Mauritius. Our wedding planner team handles all the wedding preparation till the end of your wedding holidays.

In respect to weddings, we understand that there is no standard package to fit all the requirements of our guests. Our team works in close consultation with our guests so as to ensure that our wedding proposals are personalised according to your needs.

To make your wedding a success, you can rely on the valuable advice of our experienced team. You can rely on us for your dream wedding in Mauritius.

Our team is available 24 hours a day in order to attend to any query that you may have during your wedding planning. We shall put everything in place to ensure that your wedding is flawless and according to your wishes.


Those looking for an intimate wedding experience will be well served in our paradise island. These are several wedding locations available for a private ceremony in Mauritius. Many resorts also provide for one wedding ceremony per day so as to ensure the full intimacy of the couple. Our experienced team will accompany you in your selection of the place and all other amenities to make your wedding as per your dream.


More people you are the merrier you are. If you wish to celebrate your wedding along with your closed ones, you will be pampered in our beautiful island. Our options also cater for your invitees who wish to attend your wedding with all the amenities required for their comfort. Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way for a memorable personalised wedding experience. 



Your wedding gown, be it for the bride and groom, form an important aspect of your ceremony. You can rely on our wedding planner team to handle your dressing accordingly. If you have not yet bought them, no worries. We shall guide you through your wedding shopping by suggesting you the ideal places as per your requirements.


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Wedding are meant to be unique. We shall ensure that you are the most beautiful couple with the assistance of our makeup and hairstyle artist for your memorable day .



Do not worry about your bridal bouquet, you will have the choice among the seasonal flowers. Always wanted a floral decor for your wedding – we shall handle that also with the different seasonal flowers available. 


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Make your wedding day a memorable one with all the attention given to details by Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) including your choice of decoration. We provide you with a personalised wedding decoration as per your chosen theme including indian theme, sega theme or beach theme among others. 



Your wedding cake is another important item for your memorable wedding. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) provides you with a selection of different flavours and designs as per your tastes.



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Make your memorable day a unique one with a range of available entertainment including sega dance animation, fire shows on the beach and live music shows as per your choice. Exotic Holiday (Mauritius) assists you in organising your personalised wedding animation program. 





Immortalise your memorable day with our different photography and videography packages. We provide full colour photos with digital copies as well as high definition videos and drone as per your requirements.




Immortalise your memorable day with our different photography and videography packages. We provide full colour photos with digital copies as well as high definition videos and drone as per your requirements.


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