Zip Lines

Looking for thrilling adventures? Craving for an adrenaline rush? Exotic Holiday Mauritius has the perfect activity for you, zip lining among the tropical greenery of the island.  The scenery of the exotic features of Mauritius, the rivers, the lush foliage will simply take your breath away.

Zip lining will make you have the most exciting time on the island with its multiple zip lining locations around the island. Your adrenaline boost will hit the roof.

You will experience an aerial experience like never before, with captivating views like that of the South coast, the nature park, waterfalls and all of the tropical spread. Each course is unique with views beyond comparison. 


All activities are undertaken with all safety and security measures applied.  Safety helmets, hygienic head caps and harnesses are provided as well as instructions by experienced guides. The minimum age is 6 years old, who should be accompanied by an adult.

The age requirement depends on the zipline location and course.

Let the aesthetics of Mauritius pave the way to your heart and generate unforgettable memories with your loved ones, acquaintances and friends. 


  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Action Camera
  • Comfortable sportswear, cap and shoes


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